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Located within Hotel Peter and Paul in New Orleans’ Marigny neighborhood, The Elysian Bar is an experience driven restaurant, bar and café from the team at James-Beard-nominated, Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits.



Out of the doors from the bar lies the Rectory's courtyard. Weather permitting, the courtyard can be a lively center of activity with with iron garden furniture reminiscent of a Provincial French terrace. 


Upon entering The Elysian Bar, guests are greeted with a beautiful wooden center hall stair, to the right is the café, formerly a side chapel. The space is open daily from 7:00 am–1:00 pm for coffee beverages provided by local roaster Cherry Coffee. Guests will notice the blue and white delft tiles, and a hand-painted mural of lemon trees and a trompe l’oeil tented ceiling by local artist, Ann Marie Auricchio.




The bar area is limited seating.


Just beyond the atrium is the "jewel box" bar. The bar room features immersive fretwork pattern lacquered millwork in tones of warm honey and amber—and the bar itself a piece of art—derived and abstracted from images of cypress tree roots in the Louisiana bayou. The wooden bar top is hand-painted in trompe l’oeil with treasures abound, again by Ann Marie Auricchio. Custom lighting by ASH NYC keeps the space glowing in warmth and speaks to the adjacent courtyard space.

Parlor 1


The parlors are the common spaces of the Rectory.  Both Parlors 1 and 2 feature two working Italiante fireplaces,  antique seating sourced from all over Europe sitting atop a grounding expanse of rich saffron colored rugs. The windows are dressed in an orange vine patterned fabric from Claremont, in a unique tent-flap-style drapery inspired by John Dickinson.


A second Italiante fireplace helps keeps the parlor cozy during colder months. 

Parlor 2


Upon entering, guests are greeted with floor to ceiling glass French doors that spill open onto the Rectory's inner courtyard. Floors of red and white checkered tile add color to the space, which will offer café-style seating with vintage handmade chairs and custom wooden tables. The room is wrapped in a mural of lush, hanging philodendron plants.



The Church at Hotel Peter & Paul has been lovingly restored to show the life that it has lived, through various eras and paint schemes. Hints of ivory, pink and pale blue surround the original stained glass windows & amber light streams through the Church’s front façade.  The Church is Hotel Peter and Paul's event space and can be reserved for private parties and events by filling out this inquiry form.



We seat parties up to 6

(20% Gratuity Added)

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